Our Cody, Wyoming Day Program runs Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-4:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am-2:00 pm. During these hours, we focus on each individual's need as we have a very person centered philosophy. An IPC (Individual Plan of Care) is developed according to the specific needs and care that an individual requires in order to gain as much independence possible in their lives. We offer an array of programs to assist with this process. We believe that through life experiences, and by exposing our members (persons served) to as many activities and situations as possible, it improves their quality of life and increases independence.

​​​Lander Day Services Program runs Monday-Friday 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM. We focus on each individual's need following their IPC.

​The North Big Horn Program is tailored to individuals that may require a high degree of support due to limited physical ability, cognitive or communication challenges, or who are in need of assistance with activities of daily living. This program is currently open based on need. 

​​Northern, Inc. provides three unique choices for Residential Living. We have residential options in both Powell, Cody and Lander, with our Community Living (group) homes in Powell and our Residential Living Providers in Cody and Powell. Members, (persons served), along with their team, have the opportunity to choose which situation would best suit their individual needs.

Community Living   Northern's community living homes are owned or leased by Northern, Inc. We have 24 hour staffing and assistance. We keep our homes to 2-4 members (persons served) per home, each having their own room. This is an ideal situation for those who need assistance but want to be independent in living in their "own home". Staff works with members  in daily living goals to achieve as much independence as possible. Along with learning to take care of their home and themselves, staff plans numerous activities in the community to introduce many venues of life.

Host Families  Northern's host families homes are owned or leased by contracted employees of Northern. Members (persons served) live with state approved families. This is for the members  who would benefit from a more family based program. All members have their own rooms and work on individualized goals. This is successful for many who need more support and a family type setting. This placement varies with 2-5 roommates, depending on available placement. Often times members are involved in family vacations, trips and activities.

​​Companion   Northern, Inc. companion services provides monthly, weekly or daily assistance to those living on their own or in a guardian situation. This can be done in the home, community or at our facility.

Respite   Our respite services are for members (persons served) living at home or with a guardian. Providers come in to fit the scheduled needs of parents or guardians for relief of care.

Supported Living We assist a member (persons served) living in their own home or apartment rented by a them or their guardian, or in the family home. When a member (persons served) needs community support to live as independently as possible. Supported Living Service provides individually tailored supports to assist with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to living successfully in the community.

Personal Care​   Our staff assist in performing activities of daily living (bathing dressing, toileting, transferring, maintaining continence) and other instrumental activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, light housework, laundry, meal preparation, using the telephone, medication and money management). 

Individual Habilitation Training​  Individual Habilitation Training is a specialized 1:1 intensive training service where staff assist a member (persons served) to improve in skills they have not yet mastered that will lead to more independence. Individual Habilitation Training services are for members (persons served) who live with unpaid caregivers or who need less than 24-hour paid supervision and support.  


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