Character Counts

Staff and members (persons served) work in groups or individually on the pillars of Character. Responsibility, Caring, Respect, Citizenship, Integrity and Community. This enables members (persons served) to work on areas that will help them become an active member in their community 


Northern, Inc. encourages our members (persons served) to have an active lifestyle and enjoy they enjoy their time in the recreation centers by swimming, using the track and playing sports. Members (persons served) go to the recreation center at least 3 times a week.


Our Programs


This program runs through the summer and fall. Trained staff and members (persons served) go to various sites weekly for lake fishing and river fishing. Members (persons served) learn how to work towards mastering their skill level of fishing.

Special Olympics

Many of our members (persons served) participate in Special Olympics giving them the chance to show off their skills, they travel all over the state of Wyoming to compete in their events and make new friends all along the way.

Volunteer Work 

Volunteer work is so important and gives our members (persons served) the chance to feel more connected with our community. Northern, Inc. participates in highway clean up and other volunteer options such as the animal shelter. 

Health Nutrition

Northern, Inc. believes that over all health benefits everyone. Northern, Inc. focuses on good nutrition, importance of hygiene skills and exercise. All of our members (persons served) work out at various levels according to their physical capabilities.


Our Art program is ran during our Day Services hours. This program offers many venues of creativity such as photography, oil painting, sculpting, water color, woodworking and individual craftmanship.This program has the benefits of not only creating one of a kind art, but allows members (persons served) to show who they are, what they are feeling and how they see the world.


Located 76 miles from the East Entrance into Yellowstone National Park, surrounded by the Big Horn Mountains, we have a wide array of outdoor recreation, including hiking, picnics and site viewing. Northern, Inc. staff likes to take advantage of our area and enjoy the outdoors in many ways for our members (persons served).