​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nate Cook- Owner

Nate has over 17 years experience working in the social services field. He is an LCSW and has worked with both children and families. His passion for helping the community at large grew as he recognized a need to help create more opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries. His mission is to ensure that all of our members (persons served) are living up to their full potential, are socially active, living with integrity, and achieving daily and long term goals. In his spare time, Nate enjoys spending time with his family which includes his wife and five children, coaching basketball, the outdoors, and is always thinking of new projects.

Brynn McCullough- Program Director

Brynn is a lifelong resident of Wyoming. She has over 16 years of experience working with adults in ABI and DD community. She works hard to make sure that all members (persons served) have a well-rounded life with a great home environment, being actively involved in the community and in community events, working towards independence in all aspects of each person’s lives. Her passion is to certify that each member has a voice in what they want to do in their lives, whether that is by choosing the goals they would like to achieve or the activities they participate in. Brynn enjoys fishing, camping, adventures in the mountains, photography and spending time with her family and friends.

​​Janice Nissen- Cody Day Services Director

Janice Wambeke has worked at Northern for a little over six years.  She started at the residential program in 2011 but is now the Assistant Director in the Day Services program. She loves working with individuals and watching them grow. People trust her with their feelings whether it is emotional or in voicing their needs and wants and she works hard to make sure their voices are heard.  In her spare time Janice enjoys outdoor activities - fishing, camping, etc., and of course, playing with her dogs: Jack (the adult day services mascot), Fancy and Rigby.

​​Liz McCollam- North Big Horn Day Services Director

Liz McCollam has a passion for helping others. She tries to uplift people with her positive attitude. Helping People with Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injuries reach goals and become more independent is very important to her. She is very dedicated and hardworking. When she isn't working she is on her small farm spending time with her husband, two kids, and many animals. 

​​​Guy Harris-Lander Wyoming Program Director

Guy Harris worked for 2 years with adults and teens struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. He is currently working towards an Associates Degree in Social Work through Casper College. Guy is passionate about teaching others about Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injuries and sharing his experiences with staff and members alike. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, hiking, camping,  and reading young adult books. 

Stormy Burns-Lander Day Services Director

Stormy was born and raised in Lander, Wyoming and currently lives with her husband of 26 years. They have an old dog and a 3-legged cat that call them their family. Stormy has been in human services since 1989 and considers it a privilege and a passion to work with people with disabilities. She has had the rewarding experience of coaching with Special Olympics and volunteering with programs to enhance the lives of the people she works with. Working with Northern Inc. is the perfect complement to her life, they are the missing puzzle piece of the big beautiful photograph that she calls her.


Laura Thormahlen- Training Director

Laura Thormahlen has 14 years of experience working with the DD community. She started working for Northern, Inc. in 2012. Laura is the training director who is passionate about teaching individuals how to accomplish tasks independently, and loves that moment the light bulb goes on and the individual understands they can do it too! She loves to spend time with family (this is the most important thing to her),  and being an active volunteer member in the community.


Chauna Flores- Business Manager

With over 10 years of business management and administrative experience, Chauna keeps the business running smoothly and organized. Her high attention to detail and dedication to business ethics, make our company one of the strongest in the region. Chauna is the mother of 4 children, she dedicates her time to raising her family, volunteering her time and being involved closely in community sporting events.

Keri Nicholson- Marketing Director

Keri has over 10 years of experience working in the business community and in marketing. She enjoys being creative by expanding and promoting a business to reach its full potential. She is passionate about creating community awareness for people with Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injuries. It is important to her that the community knows about upcoming events and how to participate in them.  Keri spends her spare time with her husband and family outdoors, camping, fishing, painting and hiking.


​At Northern, Inc., we believe your loved ones deserve to have all the comforts and best services possible. We are located in the Big Horn Basin region, nestled between the Big Horn Mountains and Yellowstone National Park in Powell and Cody, Wyoming.

Mission Statement ​"The Northern, Inc. family strives to ensure quality of life for your loved ones with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) and Developmental Disabilities (DD) by encouraging independence and providing a safe, family-style environment. Northern, Inc. encourages and provides opportunities for community integration."

Vision Statement "Service with Compassion inspires Success!"

Our History
Although Northern, Inc. has been operating in the Cody, Wyoming region for over 10 years, our journey began in June 2011 when owner Nathan Cook purchased Northern, Inc. Nathan, the business owner of Positive Progressions, has been operating in Park County for seven years. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Nate along with a group of therapists started providing much needed counseling for the region. While working with the community Nate realized the overwhelming need for a higher standard of placement for adults with DD and ABI. Nate started as an independent provider for the waiver under Positive Progressions, soon the company started to build and Nathan seized the opportunity to purchase Northern, Inc. in June 2011. Today we have over 25 members (persons served), adult day services facility in Cody, numerous community living homes and residential living homes. We believe that Medicaid money is sacred money and everyone who works for Northern, Inc. has the same golden thread attitude and provides the absolute best services to our members (persons served) and their families.

​Our Staff:


About Northern, Inc.

"I believe that there isn't anything more valuable than one's integrity. Let all who pass through these doors keep their moral compass pointed north and not waiver in the winds of detrimental storms. Stand tall with a clear conscience, always presenting the best version of you."​

Nathan Cook, President/CEO